A: Web CB is coming soon. As for now it's still in development, but progress is happening fast! We'll keep you updated as release comes closer.
A: Unfortunately, it does not. Web CB, as the name implies, uses the internet to connect with others. As phones do not natively interface with CB waves, this makes it very tricky to get around. If, say, an accessory was made to allow backwards connectivity we would happily support it, but it would limit you to only the features of a regular CB radio.
A: For the android release we will be supporting phones with android 4.0 and higher. More info on the iOS version will come soon.
A: Nope! You have the option of signing up any time to get features like registering friends or co-workers and displaying extra information about yourself, but you can still be anonymous if you choose.
A: Yes, you can! You have the ability to mute anyone, even anonymous users! You can opt to show who's talking and when. It will show their registered name, or "Anonymous" if they're anonymous, with a indication of that person's volume level. You can then select the user and mute them.