Web CB Radio

The app that not only emulates the function of a CB radio, but does so much more.


As you may be aware, a traditional CB radio has a very limited range; around 10 miles. Using the power of our Web-Integrated Design users can talk to any user connected to the internet.

Of course, talking to the whole world at once isn't practical. That's why Web CB allows users to define how wide your communication range is. Users can choose options from 5 miles to 50 miles or define their own radius.

Most importantly Web CB Radio is hands free. It can be controlled through voice commands or through bluetooth devices. Some vehicles already include bluetooth controllers on the steering-wheel. This provides both the accuracy and speed of tactile input as well the safety of not having to remove your hand from the wheel.


Our custom version of Google Maps is integrated right into the app; adding new features and streamlining it to not include unnecessary features.

This allows you to see not only your location, but the location of others that opt-in to having their location public.

Map out your route and use Web CB Radio as your navigator.


Finding local amenities has never been easier.

Use our built in filters to look for truck stops and more, or create a custom search relying on Google Maps' database.


What Web CB Radio is at its core a customizable tool. Choose how far you want to talk and who you want to talk to. Filter what you want to see and who sees you. Users can even change the UI's style and colors.


Web CB Radio continues to develop every day. As we move, more ideas spawn not only from our team, but from our users and the people we meet. We reserve this area to say thank you to everyone who has had a part along the way.