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The Next Technological Advance In The Commercial Transportation Industry

The WebCBRadio mobile application will be available for iPhone and Android platforms delivering unprecedented communication and information capabilities to millions of professional commercial tractor trailer drivers worldwide, conservatively, to gross $10M per month, over the next 3 years and forward, through subscriptions and business partnerships.

Founded by Robert Deane, webcbradio can be the answer for commercial drivers worldwide.

Optimizing pro-driver safety and efficiency

Robert knows, from his 15 years of experience in the commercial transportation industry, that optimal safety and efficiency is dependent upon the ability of professional commercial tractor trailer drivers to communicate with each other on the road. These drivers want and need to know current weather and road conditions, possible detours and shortcuts, as well as fuel stops. Drivers are human as well, as they also want to know where the best places are to eat and rest after a long hard day on the highway and also to be able to converse with each other during a long trip. Some may argue that internet search engines can answer some of these questions, but quite often the information found is not always up to date; pro-drivers rely on each other for such information.

Saving pro-drivers time and money

The “old school” hardware of conventional citizens band radios can be cumbersome as pro drivers need to allot time to install the unit and then tune the unit to the antennas. These same antennas are broken quite often by trees and other low hanging obstacles that are practically unavoidable. Thus adding more time and cost replacing antennas that cost $40 to $200 or more per pair and an hour or so to affix and tune. Antennas are replaced, on average, 3 times per year and the CB units, which cost $80 to $500 or more are usually replaced every 3 years. When commercial drivers are assigned new or replacement vehicles, CB’s need to then be de-installed and then reinstalled; which then takes another hour or so.

Hands free and less expensive

WebCBRadio will utilize the ability, convenience and hands free operation of a smartphone and incorporates the open channel functionality of a CB to make commercial drivers safer at a fraction of the cost spent by millions of “long haulers” worldwide.

Laws may be coming to ban CBs

Deane discovered that another added issue with today’s CB radio is the fact that it is not a “hands free” device. Growing concern by Federal Motor Carriers Regulators has prompted talks about banning CB use by commercial drivers while operating a commercial vehicle.

Robert Deane: “I know that regulations are coming, and solutions need to be found before the laws are in place.” “Commercial drivers need their CB, and I know that my app can do more and have more range.” “With technology constantly evolving, I know that all of the functionality needed to make this app the replacement to the traditional CB can be realized.”

Portable communication with greater range

In today’s era of technology, the citizens band radio is expensive and antiquated. On a clear day, driving on a straight flat road, the most expensive CB, paired with perfectly tuned antennas has an effective range of only 10 miles or less. WebCBRadio’s unlimited range will allow pro drivers to do what they couldn’t do before. Robert explains, “As an example, a driver could call ahead to a driver in New York while in Florida to find out how bad that storm is up there giving the driver information to plan his or her trip with.” “Another benefit to the app is that you can take it with you anywhere you go.” “A driver could be having a cup of coffee in a local diner and check out what’s going on on the roadway before heading out to a possible danger or road delay.” “I want this app to be a problem solver.”

It’s a CB with a smarter twist

Robert Deane: “My design is focused on the base functionality of a traditional CB with a twist.” “The twist is that the app will be as fully functional and as simple to use as a CB with the added features of range selection. Allowing the user to talk with others as close as a half mile away which is perfect for a semi-private conversation with another driver in close proximity or for checking in with a receiving or shipping clerk at a delivery point.” “Utilizing increased ranges of thousands of miles away allows a driver to call out to another driver in another part of the country to get the “skinny” on weather and road conditions to plan safer and more efficient trips.” “It’s all about time out there and when you drive for a living every minute saved can count.” “I added a “services” button that will provide links to the most sought after information such as nearest truck stops, truck repair, weather, etc… there will also be a navigation system.” “Smart phones are already in the drivers’ hands; WebCBRadio now gives pro-drivers a way to use it smarter.”

A final word from Robert Deane, Founder/ President

“I know that changes are coming as the world advances technologically.” “Business sustainability and growth relies on forward and defensive thinking in order to have solutions in place before the need is realized.” “With aggressive and efficient marketing strategies in place, design and build out, the webcbradio.com app will be the next technological development in the transportation industry.”